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There’s no doubt about it, technology is not slowing down or going anywhere! In fact, it is only going to continue getting more advanced. Our students are growing up with technology being an integral part of their existence, so it only makes sense that we need to make sure we are “speaking their language” in the classroom too. 

If you want to try flipped learning or if you are going remote for a few weeks and need to keep in touch with your students online, Google Classroom is one fantastic tool to help you do this.

I have been using it for years in my classroom and can vouch for it’s effectiveness and ease of use for both staff and students! 

In this course, you will receive an online video training course where you will learn all there is to know about Google Classroom, without any experience needed whatsoever.


✔ How to create a Google Classroom
✔ How to invite students and other teachers into your classroom
✔ How to make an announcement to your class and attach resources to it
✔ How to set an assignment and ensure every student receives their own copy
✔ How to grade an assignment and share this with your students
✔ How to start a private conversation with individual students about their work
✔ How to leave feedback comments on specific areas of their assignment and watch students as they work – live!
✔ How to create starter or exit ticket questions
✔ How to mute students from writing on the public stream
✔ How to see your class’s overall grades and progress on your digital assignments
…and more!

Plus, I’m always at the end of an email if you ever have any questions about any of the lessons or want further 1:1 support: katie@teachersresourceforce.com