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How do you know when you’re ready to expand your teacherpreneur business beyond TpT?
SO YOU’RE A TPT SELLER! DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOUR JOURNEY? You love TpT! Yep, me too. It has provided you with such awesome opportunities beyond what you ever could have hoped for when y you started you career as a humble teacher… You’ve been balancing teaching while building up your TpT store for a while, – it’s challenging but you love it! You’ve even reached the point where you feel like you’re making a decent income. Perhaps you’re close to, or surpassing your teaching income! Maybe you’ve successfully turned it into your full time gig. Things are good with your TpT business, BUT after years of selling are you starting to find that you’re generally having to work really hard to keep up the pace? And even then, you can’t help but notice that your growth isn’t as dramatic as it used to be? If you are starting to plateau, or even show signs of regression despite working really hard to keep adding new resources to your store, then you’re not alone and it’s probably nothing to do with you – especially if you’re out there marketing and putting out content to draw in an audience. I know it