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DIY WordPress Store for Teacherpreneurs

Selling in a marketplace such as TpT is great, and it’s very possible that you can be extremely successful for a long time! But if they decide to change something drastic, your business as you know it could end overnight. 😟

It’s quite concerning as you have NO control when you are renting land on someone else’s site and tomorrow’s success on that site is NEVER guaranteed.  At the end of the day, it’s their prerogative to change their own website!

This is why the only way to make sure you business can LAST is to diversify and branch out. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up your own online store where you can control everything, earn more money and never have to be at the mercy of other peoples’ decisions ever again!


If you are interested in branching out your TpT business and setting up your own online store where you can call all the shots and never have to compete with anyone else’s resources, then this is for you!

In this course, you will follow along with simple step by step videos to learn how to build your own WordPress store from the ground up without any web design experience whatsoever!

Yes, paying someone else to do it for you is certainly an option, but bear in mind you will be charged thousands to get the job done, which depending on your current income, could take you a very long time to see that return in your investment. You will also be tied to someone else’s schedule and availability if ever you needed to make a tweak to your site or if something goes wrong.

However, when you DIY it you can not only save yourself a fortune in both the short and long term, but you can gain the skills to build and maintain your own site and fix issues quickly. It’s really not that hard at all, especially if you have someone holding your hand throughout the process!

When you enrol in this course, you will receive the following:

  • 18 Bitesized Video Tutorials: each video shows you exactly what to do, step by step to help you build your own WordPress store. The videos are short, snappy and to the point to help you get results quickly and efficiently.
  • Step by Step Checklist: This helpful checklist breaks down each of the steps for you to help you tick off items as you go to keep you organised and on track. It’s a completely self paced course so you can take as much time as you need to progress in each lesson.
  • 1:1 Email Support: As you’re taking the course, you may have questions or extra ideas. You are entitled to 1:1 email support as many times as you need in order to get the results you are after and I will do everything I can to ensure you are successful at the end of this course!

If this sounds like something that would benefit your business then let’s get started today!

It’s time to expand your TpT business, develop your technology skills (which are impossible to shy away from in this evolving industry!) and increase your income even further! The course is the ultimate tool in helping you secure your teacherpreneur business for the long game.



  • The most cost effective place to purchase your domain name and hosting
  • How to set up your site with WordPress
  • Detailed explanations of the dashboards and features
  • A list of the best plugins to build a powerful teacherpreneur store
  • How to use WooCommerce to set up your store
  • How to upload digital products to your WooCommerce store
  • How to set up automated taxes based on customer location
  • How to modify the appearance of your products
  • How to change the layout of your shop and modify the header, footer, sidebar and favicon
  • How to create bundles of resources without zipping files
  • How to cross sell and upsell linked resources within your store
  • Add design features that will improve your customer’s experience
  • Smart search feature for customers to easily find what they’re looking for
  • Effective sidebar to help customers navigate your store with ease
  • How to set up multi-currency feature that adapts automatically to your customer’s location
  • How to ensure all your buy buttons are aligned neatly
  • Modify the spacing between products
  • Create faint borders around products to improving browsing experience
  • Set up PayPal and “one click” to speed up checkout process
  • Set up Cookie notice to be in line with GDPR regulations
  • How to encourage customers to return to abandoned carts to complete their purchase
  • Adjust the buttons on the products including text, color and size
  • Create a wishlist feature that encourages customers to save their favourite items
  • Enable customers to send a link to their wishlist to friends and family
  • Create a customer account area to encourage repeat purchases and downloads
  • Create a unique VIP area for freebies to encourage potential customers to make an account
  • How to collect email addresses when customers download from your VIP area
  • Restrict access to your freebies unless a customer is logged in
  • How to protect your site from hackers, spammers and viruses
  • How to automatically backup your site so you never lose your hard work
    …and more!


Absolutely not! These days it’s not as complicated and terrifying a skill as it perhaps used to be 10 years ago. Web design has become very doable and by following the video tutorials, you will find you can easily recreate your own website! All you need to do is customise colours and styles to suit your brand and you’re good to go!

I know many teacherpreneurs started their journeys with Blogger and are terrified of using something else. WordPress has a reputation of being a bit intimidating because it can do so much but, if I could go back and start again, I would use it for everything – it really is so much better!

And no you don’t need experience because all you need to do is follow the videos in the course and you will find you will soon be able to use WordPress efficiently (and don’t worry, you won’t break your site 😝)

Nope! It helps if you enjoy the tech stuff of course, but if you really want to DIY it to save money and develop your tech skills, this course will certainly do that. Simply follow along with the step by step videos and you can’t go wrong! And I’m always just an email away if you do need a hand 😊

If I could go back to the start, one of the first things I would do is start up my own store. If I had done that from the very beginning, things would be so different and I wouldn’t ever have panicked when TpT changed things or when competition increased! Having your own home base and your own audience to cater to is a game changer for securing your business.

Also, if you’re still not earning much at this stage, DIYing is certainly the best way to go as your return on investment will be significantly higher than if you were to hire out this job to a contractor.

That will depend on many factors that are personal to you, but think of it this way: most marketplaces charge approximately 20% commission, but with your own store you keep all the profits! You also have the flexibility of creating discount codes and rewarding customers, which you can’t do on TpT. So the potential for your growth can be astronomical.

Not at all! You will have access to all the lessons immediately so you can work completely at your own pace.

Not a problem, questions are expected when we’re learning something new – it’s a sign of a good student! If ever you get stuck or have questions, you can reach out to me at katie@teachersresourceforce.com and you can have access to as much email support as you need to solve your problems. Your success in building your own store is my main priority.

It’s really not that bad! There are plenty of plugins you can use that automatically calculate the tax for you depending on the location of your customer, and then you can pass on that information to your accountant (if you have one) who can work out who and how much you need to pay.

If this is something that really concerns you and would like to receive legal advice before plunging in, by all means do so, but at the very least you can get your freebies up on your own website to start building an audience and collecting leads! Time is ticking and every minute you’re waiting you could potentially be losing customers. 

It’s like the old saying goes: “You get out what you put in”.

If you are serious about wanting to secure your teacherpreneur business and are willing to follow the videos and do the work, it will certainly be worth it as you will have built your own online e-commerce store and developed skills in web design. Those are yours for life now! 

Also your return on investment in DIYing it will be significantly higher than if you were to hire it out. 

Finally, another advantage is that it’s a great business expense deduction for tax time! 😉



  • In this lesson you will learn the exact steps to take to purchase the virtual “store and land” for your online shop, a.k.a. domain (store name) and hosting (land to build it on).
  • In this lesson, you will get a tour of the WordPress dashboard tour and learn how how to install plugins, which are important tools in enhancing your site.
  • In this lesson, you will get a tour of the WooCommerce plugin as well as a brief overview of how to add products into WooCommerce.
  • In this lesson you will learn how to design the layout of your shop in your Astra theme, including changing the header, sidebar and footer etc.

  • You will also get to see behind the scenes of my personal store settings so you can adapt yours to match or adjust to suit your preference.
  • This lesson will give you more information about all of the plugins and what they will do for your site.
  • In this video you will learn how to add products to your WooCommerce shop and how to customize what the product looks like in store.

  • You will also learn how to create bundles and how to cross sell with related products.
  • In this lesson you will learn some effective ways of improving the customer experience, including easy navigation with a sidebar, smart search feature and more.

  • You will learn how to install multi-currency on your store that will automatically adjust depending on your customer’s location.

  • You will learn how to set up Cookie notice pop up banners on your site in order to be in line with GDPR regulations.

  • You will learn how to set up cart abandonment recovery to encourage customers to complete their purchases and adjust the settings for bundled products.

  • You will also learn how to change the buttons for your products including how to remove the “wishlist” button and convert it to a link instead, so as not to take focus from “add to basket”.
  • This lesson you will learn you how to tidy up the appearance of your store by installing special CSS code. You will learn how to align buttons, create a border around products and adjust space between products.

  • You will also learn how to add a banner to your store page where you can highlight particular resources, deals or just use the space for decoration.
  • In this lesson you will learn how to create an exclusive VIP area of freebies that requires your potential customers to create an account with you in order to access the free resources.

  • You will learn how to create a log in section for your customers to access the VIP area.

  • You will learn how to customize the 404 error page when a non-registered guest tries to access the freebies, encouraging them to sign up.

  • You will also learn how to use this VIP area as one giant lead magnet to get customers on your mailing list
  • Here you will get an overview of what your user will see at their end when purchasing and downloading your resources.
  • Here you will learn how to protect your site from hackers, spam and viruses.

  • You will also learn how to set up an automated backup of your site so you will never lose all your hard work.

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