DIY Teacherpreneur
Create Digital Resources for Teacherpreneurs

Create Digital Resources

Are you looking to learn how to create digital resources? This is a comprehensive e-course containing over 19 videos to help you create digital teaching resources, as well as a FREE set of exclusive clip art worth $10. This course is ideal for teachers and teacherpreneurs of all levels of ability!

DIY WordPress Store for Teacherpreneurs

DIY WordPress Store

Are you looking to expand and secure your online teacherpreneur business? Are you tired of all the changes on the marketplaces you currently sell your teaching resources on? Learn how to create your own online store on WordPress, from start to finish so you can save yourself a fortune, earn more, maintain your store, modify it to your exact expectations and be in complete control!

Google Classroom Course 2020

If you are looking to learn how to use Google Classroom to run your classroom online for remote or digital learning, then this complete online training course will teach you all you need to know. You will learn how to set up and navigate Google Classroom, as well as how to assign resources, and most importantly, offer meaningful feedback to your students while you are able to stay at home in your jammies!

Ultimate Well-being Audio Training for Teachers

Achieve Ultimate Well-Being

Are you tired of being tired and looking to put well-being as a priority this school year but don't quite know where to go beyond bubble baths and chocolate... You're not alone. Well-being is a very misunderstood term that is so much more than practising self-care. Take this 7 part podcast style course to learn how to achieve the ultimate well-being.