Create Digital Teaching Resources


If you are wanting to learn how to create digital resources for online learning, remote learning or distance learning then this course will show you how to do that! This is a comprehensive online course containing over 19 short, sharp videos to help you create digital teaching resources in the fastest time possible.


This is a comprehensive e-course containing over 19 helpful step by step videos that show you how to create a variety of different digital resources, as well as a FREE set of exclusive clip art that can be used on your own digital resources.

You will learn:

✔ How to create teaching resources suitable for a digital classroom including using Google Slides and Google Classroom
✔ How you can make your resources stand out from the crowd
✔ How to make your resources cloud compatible with Google Drive, One Drive and DropBox
✔ Tricks for how to make PowerPoint resources more interactive, ideal for gaming or flip books
✔ How to use animations and triggers in PowerPoint to create task cards, quizzes and other interactive games
✔ How to create QR codes for kinaesthetic and interactive learning
✔ Practical steps on how to share and sell your digital resources
✔ How to secure clip art to enable it to be used interactively
✔ …and more!

You will also receive free 1:1 email assistance if you ever have any questions about any of the lessons or would like further support.

29 reviews for Create Digital Teaching Resources

  1. TRF

    Amy Haselden [TpT]

    I had this product on my wishlist for awhile but was a little afraid to purchase it. Not because of you, but because I am non-tech and it seemed like a daunting goal for me! Not so with this product. I have not had a lot of time to go through this entire resource but what baby steps I have made are really going to make a difference! Thank you for this awesome, user friendly product for people with tech issues like me! 🙂

  2. TRF

    Dragon’s Den [TpT]

    Absolutely the best help I could have asked for! I love the fact that lessons are in videos! I am a visual learner, so that is REALLY helpful!! I highly recommend to anyone who knows little to nothing about making digital products. This resource is very, very helpful!

  3. TRF

    The Stress Free Spanish Teacher LaProfesoraFrida [TpT]

    Oh my GOSH! This is one of the best purchases I have ever made on TpT. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. Each lesson is in VIDEO format– I am a visual learner and really like that every step is explained while she SHOWS you how to do it! Amazing! High five! This product is AWESOME!
    THANK YOU! 🙂

  4. TRF

    Bonnie H [TpT]

    This is a great introduction for anyone new to the field of digital resources. The videos are easy to follow and clear, and I love that you explained the tech side (in a non-techy way) and the clip art side from an artist’s point of view. Great job, and I hope you do more!

  5. TRF

    Notman’s Notebook [TpT]

    After reading the GREAT reviews, I decided to purchase this course. I AM SO GLAD I DID! The lessons are easy to follow, and the visuals are a huge help! The instructor is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to your questions. Great course! Thank you!

  6. TRF

    Olga Fernandez Gonzalez [TpT]

    The videos and explanations are clear and concise. The course is divided into modules, so you can easily locate information you might want to review. If you have a question, the seller will get back to you quickly and clarify any question you might have. After taking the course, I feel ready to dive into the world of digital resource creation!

  7. TRF

    The Pedi Speechie [TpT]

    WOW! This was amazing. I feel so confident now! Everything you need to know is in this course, and it’s all presented via video, which really helped me out! If you’re feeling unsure about how to go about creating digital resources- buy this!

  8. TRF

    Teachers Are Terrific [TpT]

    Thank you so much for your hard work on this resource! The videos are such a bog help since I can listen and try something and then go back to the video to continue. It’s hands-on learning at its best!

  9. TRF

    Collabor8 [TpT]

    I am partway through this resource and I am learning so much! The video lessons are clear, they cover so many helpful topics, and they are especially helpful for those of us who are new to creating digital resources.

  10. TRF

    Simply Skilled in Second [TpT]

    GREAT JOB!! Love it!!! Thanks so much

  11. TRF

    RFTS-Preschool-Kindergarten [TpT]

    An AMAZING resource; thank you for sharing your hard work and creativity with others!

  12. TRF

    Niecey [TpT]

    So easy to use, and the best lessons around. I love that I can go back and review things and continue to learn something new each time.

  13. TRF

    The Reflective Educator [TpT]

    Excellent course and a very helpful seller – highly recommend!

  14. TRF

    Educando Entre Mundos [TpT]

    Absolutely AMAZING!

  15. TRF

    Aussie Star Resources [TpT]

    Oh WOW!! This looks fantastic!! Can’t wait to get stuck into it. Thank you!

  16. TRF

    Just Reed [TpT]

    I am so excited about diving into this this summer. I hope you’ll make a series for how to make editable pdfs using Adobe Pro!! 🙂 *hint*hint*

  17. TRF

    Taryn’s Unique Learning [TpT]

    I am really looking forward to using this. I have many products in my store that I think would be great for digital engagement as well. Thanks so much.

  18. TRF

    Simplify the Middle [TpT]

    Absolutely changed my view on the ease of making and using digital resources. Love everything about this course from the organization to the short videos (I have a small attention span). It tends to buffer a bit when I’m watching, but I just let it load before playing and that seems to work best. I’ve purchased other products like this and the ease of this tutorial is just phenomenal. Already started creating some digital things. Thank you so much for creating this! I feel confident selling digital now 🙂

  19. TRF

    MusicTeacherResources [TpT]

    Thank you, thank you! Just what I was looking for!

  20. TRF

    The ESL Nexus [TpT]

    This looks great and I’m looking forward to diving into it when I have the time. I’m sure it’ll be very helpful!

  21. TRF

    Education to the Core [TpT]

    This was so helpful! Thank you so very much!

  22. TRF

    Many Roads to Reading [TpT]

    This training is well organized and sequenced. Katie makes the scary topic nice and simple, yet provides all you need to start making digital resources. She provides very clear, step-by-step directions, but welcomes us to contact here with any questions. I am no longer afraid of making digital materials, thanks to this resource!

  23. TRF

    Erin’s Classroom Creations [TpT]

    Thank you for this easy to understand course. I’m excited to put this new knowledge to use!

  24. TRF

    Second Chance [TpT]

    This is so beneficial!

  25. TRF

    The Primary Primer [TpT]

    So excited to use this to learn about the development of digital resources!

  26. TRF

    Brooke W. [TpT]

    Looking forward to using this tool!

  27. TRF

    Nyla’s Crafty Teaching [TpT]

    I had to have this from the moment I saw it because I need to learn more about digital resources. Looks great. I hope to use it soon.

  28. TRF

    Band Directors Talk Shop [TpT]

    Fantastic resource. Thank you SO much!

  29. TRF

    First Grade Schoolhouse [TpT]

    Such a helpful resource! Thanks!

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